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The principle of local heating and rolling is adopted to replace the traditional mold pressing corrugated furnace liner device for fine processing of corrugated furnace liner.


  1. The corrugated design is more flexible, realizing the axial expansion deformation of the furnace gall, which can reduce the thermal stress produced by the shell, tube plate and the furnace gall itself, and can also reduce the stress concentration caused by the elongation of the furnace gall at the junction of the furnace gall and the tube plate.
  2. The flexible connection between the tube and the tube sheet can be realized to better adapt to the alternating load caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, and the service life of the tube sheet and the tube sheet and even the whole boiler equipment can be prolonged.
  3. The surface area of the straight furnace gallbladder will be increased effectively after it is corrugated. Without increasing the whole length of the boiler, the radiant heating surface of part of the furnace will be increased. The heat transfer will be enhanced effectively and the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be improved.
  4. Because of the corrugated gallbladder, the flame can diffuse rapidly when moving in the furnace, the combustion is more sufficient, the temperature uniformity does not produce stratification phenomenon, effectively reducing the NOx emissions.

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