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Ultra-Speed Smoke Cooling tube is a completely new technology applied in Fangkuai boiler to achieve heat exchange. Mass transfer and heat transfer coexist. The unique arranged panel design increases the heat transfer area by 5 times and allows rapid heat exchange.


  1. Adopting the new Ultraten heat transfer technology, mass transfer and heat transfer coexist, greatly improving the condensation efficiency of flue gas and ensuring the high efficiency of energy utilization.
  2. Applying CFD numerical simulation analysis technology and computer technology to realize visual simulation, optimize the heat transfer performance of Ultraten technology heat exchanger tube.
  3. Specially designed tear groove is used to eliminate the influence of condensate film on heat transfer.
  4. Pipe is feathered airfoil design, compared with the smooth tube, increase the heat transfer area by 5 times, can replace more heat out of flue gas, increase the heat transfer efficiency.
  5. The plume tube penetrates into the flue gas center, and the flue gas temperature can be rapidly lowered after contacting with the flue gas, thus greatly improving the boiler efficiency.
  6. The silicon aluminum alloy material with high thermal conductivity has strong corrosion resistance and friction resistance, and effectively prolongs the service life of the boiler.

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