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Thalia-T7 organically combines the combustion system with the heat transfer system. Adjust and match the flame according to the boiler heating. Matching the boiler is no longer a single burner, but a developed combustion system. Each boiler can be connected in series or in parallel, realizing modular operation


  1. New heat transfer elements are used in both heat transfer and condensing parts.You can imagine its inside struture as wing tube.Compared with former tube, That's a five-fold increase in the heat exchange area.This leads to higher heat transfer efficiency.
  2. Coupling technology is the development trend of boiler industry. Traditional boilers are clearly distinguished from each other and do not match each other well enough.
  3. One machine multi-purpose: it can realize multi-way water supply at the same time. According to different demands, it can be used separately and in series and parallel.
  4. Long service life: heat media water circulates in closed space, no loss, no water replenishment.
  5. Great cooling effect : the cooling part is made of silicon aluminum alloy feather tube, which is resistant to low temperature smoke corrosion and durable.
  6. Easy installation: simply connect the gas, water inlet pipe, chimney and power supply, and the boiler can run.

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