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Full-premixed combustion is a new environmentally friendly combustion type. It premixes fuel and air through precision adjustment and control, to ensure the gas and air are completely mixed, which can make the fuel burned completely and totally used.


  1. Fuel needed for combustion is fully premixed with air, so air is no longer needed in the combustion process, and combustion is more sufficient. Surface combustion technology makes combustion more efficient and reduces NOx emissions. NOx is less than 30mg/Nm, which meets the national emission standards of first-tier cities.
  2. The flame surface is close to the heat exchanger, the combustion intensity is high, the flame is short, can reduce the furnace height, thus reduces the boiler area.
  3. Oxygen content control technology and air filter maintenance-free technology are adopted to reduce the daily maintenance workload while ensuring the safe and stable work of the boiler.
  4. The electronic adjustment is more flexible and precise, and the effluent temperature is more stable.
  5. The combustion process always maintains a very low mute state, noise only 62 decibels (equivalent to normal conversation sound).

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