Case Introduction

Shanxi Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. 2.8MW integrated condensing hot water boiler

Xian, Shanxi

Our company is very confused in the face of environmental protection transformation of boiler equipment. We will formulate solutions as soon as we listen to our demands and meet the actual needs of our company.

  • Product name:Integrated condensing hot water boiler
  • Industry involved:Automotive industry
  • Use fuel:Natural gas
  • Rated evaporation:2.8Mw
  • Product model:WNS2.8-1.0/95/70-Y.Q(5 sets)
  • Application areas:Chemical Industry

Project proposals

In 2016, Shanxi Heavy Truck responded to the national environmental protection policy and replaced the boiler equipment as a whole. In combination with environmental protection and cost-saving measures, Shanxi Heavy Truck finally decided to cooperate with FANGKUAI Boiler to purchase five integrated condensing hot water boilers at one time. As a company with more than 20 years of experience in boiler production, it is aimed at Shanxi Heavy Duty Truck. Demand, tailor a professional solution for it.

Product advantages

Considering that Shanxi Heavy Duty Truck mainly produces heavy-duty vehicles and components, our company selected five integrated condensing hot water boilers with a thermal power of 2.8MW. The boiler has low-nitrogen environmental protection characteristics, and waste heat from flue gas through energy-saving devices and condensers. Fully utilized, it can reduce the temperature of the flue gas and reduce the harmful substances in the flue gas. The automatic PLC intelligent control system can also simplify the boiler operation steps. The five boilers can be flexibly used according to actual needs to avoid unnecessary cost waste.

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