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industry background

According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 15,000 feed processing enterprises in my country, and the total annual output has exceeded 107 million tons, which is the main pillar to support the normal operation of animal husbandry. Since the promotion of "New Ideas for Feed Industry" in my country in 2016, the breeding industry has actively adapted to the "new normal", innovating development methods, increasing structural adjustment, accelerating industrial integration and integration, optimizing industrial strategic layout, and strengthening product quality management as the main strategies policy. Many small feed processing enterprises have been phased out due to low production capacity, backward production technology, and lack of product innovation. The boiler equipment used in the feed factory is also gradually innovating with the reform of science and technology, and the new boiler system is gradually improving. Crops, livestock, forestry, aquatic products and subsequent production and processing, such as feed pelleting and fertilizer production, are all inseparable from the help of steam. Due to the large demand for feed, the choice of energy-saving and high-efficiency boilers can greatly save fuel costs, so gas-fired boilers are favored and widely used by feed factories.

Programme details

In recent years, the demand for feed has surged, and the scale and number of feed processing enterprises have also continued to expand. However, at the same time of expansion, many enterprises are facing the fate of being eliminated due to factors such as substandard environmental protection. It can be seen that the strength and determination of my country's implementation of environmental protection policies can only be achieved by actively responding to and cooperating with relevant national policies, so that the development of enterprises can be carried out smoothly.

Wet granulation and wet extruding are the stages in which steam boilers are mainly used in the processing of feed factories, that is, the granulation section. The raw material for granulation is conditioned by a conditioner, and the temperature of the material reaches 80-85 ℃ with boiler steam, and the moisture content reaches about 17%, and then granules of different particle sizes are formed by a granulator. During the operation of the steam boiler, the cold water can be heated through the heat exchange system, and the steam generated by the heated hot water is supplied to the feed production equipment. The feed processing enterprise originally had a coal-fired boiler with an output of 6 tons, which has been in use for more than ten years. In order to actively respond to the local environmental protection policy of 30mg/Nm³ in Gaoping City, Shanxi Province, where the company is located, the company intends to eliminate the original coal-fired boilers with serious pollution and replace them with new environmentally friendly gas-fired boiler equipment. Fangkuai Boiler stood out among more than a dozen boiler manufacturers in the bidding process, and contracted all the projects of the company that required boiler equipment. Our technical engineer customized a WNS gas-fired steam boiler (WNS4-1.25-Q) with an output of 4 tons based on the understanding of the company's actual production needs and the inspection of the boiler room. The boiler uses advanced FGR combustion technology, With the low-nitrogen burner, the emission standard of less than 30mg/Nm³ can be easily achieved, which fully meets the company's demand for clean and environmentally friendly boiler equipment.

Program features

Systematic service is more comprehensive

This time we provide the company with a full set of service, from the early design scheme, to boiler selection, later transportation, installation, commissioning and other aspects, all of which are good jobs.

The boiler itself has excellent performance

It is usually believed that what really make customers trust us are the good performance of the boiler itself with operating efficiency of 80 milligrams of low nitrogen emissions.

After-sales service in place

It is the first time for this company to contact with gas-fired boilers, and it is not very skilled in boiler operation. The technical staff of Fangkuai Boiler also provided comprehensive boiler operation explanation and technical guidance for it.

Fast steam, high quality steam

The boiler can produce steam within 30 minutes, with its convenient and rapid start and stop. For the boilers, they do not need to run, because they can start to work at any time for the enterprise, which can save the investment cost of early fuel.


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