Pre-mixed condensing steam boiler

Pre-mixed condensing steam boiler

  • Rated thermal power: 1-20t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 100-104%
  • Pressure: ≤1.6MPa
  • Available fuel: natural gas
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The closed condensate recovery system is combined with the three-pass structure, economizer and air preheater to fully utilize the heat of the gas or oil, and the heat of the high-temperature condensate is recovered from the source, which can save operating costs and improve boiler operating efficiency.

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  • Low operating costs

    The closed condensate recovery system can recover more than 70% of condensed water, saving the overall operating cost of the boiler for the enterprise.

  • Small footprint

    Using the crossing wine-shape heat transfer technology, the heat transfer area is increased by 5 times, saving 2/3 of the floor space compared with the ordinary boiler.

  • Deep matching

    The combustion is deep matched to the heat exchanger, breaking the limits of the burner, and the boiler becomes a complete thermal energy system, further improving efficiency.

  • Modular system

    Through parallel combination, multi-machine joint control can be completed, and up to 128 boilers can be controlled at the same time.


Waste heat recovery technology

The waste heat recovery device comprises an economizer and a condenser, and the heat exchange is realized by using flue gas and water. The material of the silicon-aluminum alloy used in the crossing wine-shape fire tube, has good corrosion resistance and durability.

Frequency conversion combustion

The fan controlled by frequency conversion has more adjusting intervals, the combustion adjustment is more elaborate, and the boiler runs more smoothly under different working conditions.

NC cutting

Cut edge

Intelligent welding

Drilling and reaming

Pre-mixed condensing steam boiler

Types Evaporation Steam pressure Steam temperature Feed water temperature Thermal efficiency Fuel Natural gas consumption Power requirement Electric power Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit t/h MPa % Nm3/h V/Hz KW mm t mm
θ5-2800 4 ≤1.6 204 150℃(80%)
>95 Natural gas 250.4 380/50 29.5 5000 * 2500 * 4200 13 700
θ5-4200 6 375.6 48 5700 * 2500 * 4400 18 900
θ5-7000 10 625.3 60 7100 * 4700 * 5000 28 700
θ5-10500 15 937.9 77 7300 * 5400 * 5500 39 900
θ5-14000 20 1250.6 120 7600 * 5800 * 6000 56 900