Boiler System For Wine Industry

industry background

Winemaking, also known as fermented wine, is a process of fermenting substances containing starch and carbohydrate raw materials with the help of yeast to produce alcohol components to form wine; the production process includes saccharification, fermentation, filtration, sterilization, etc. During the brewing process, starch swells by water absorption, gelatinized by heating, and forms loose starch, which is decomposed into low-molecular-weight monosaccharides under the action of amylase. Monosaccharides are decomposed under the catalysis of decarboxylase and dehydrogenase, and gradually decompose to form carbon dioxide and alcohol. If the wine is made from starch as raw material, it needs to go through two main processes, one is the starch saccharification process, and the other is the alcoholic fermentation process. During the fermentation process of wine, a wide variety of microorganisms and aroma substances will be produced in the cellar, and slowly penetrate deeply into the cellar, becoming a rich natural aroma source.

Programme details

Brewing requires fermentation, and fermentation should be carried out in a certain temperature and humidity environment. Generally speaking, food crops that need to be brewed need to be fermented for 7-15 days at 20-25 °C. This requires a boiler to maintain a constant temperature in the wine cellar.

After the alcoholic fermentation period, a series of operations such as filtration, purification, and extraction are required to ensure the purity of the alcohol. During the production and processing of wine, the air and containers contain various bacteria, and a large amount of yeast, enzymes, etc. are produced in the wine's own fermentation. To do sterilization work. The temperature requirements are the most stringent in the sterilization process. If the temperature is too high, the nutritional value of rice wine will be destroyed. If the temperature is too low, the sterilization strength will not be enough. The gas-fired steam boilers provided by Fangkuai boiler manufacturers for fermentation and sterilization during winemaking have high thermal efficiency (up to 98% operating efficiency), fast gas production (high temperature steam can be output within 30 minutes to 1 hour), and the boiler's The output temperature and pressure can be adjusted according to the needs of the brewing production process, which can well solve the constant temperature requirements required for brewing, and provide a strong guarantee for brewing production and processing.

Program features

Systematic service is more comprehensive

This time we provide the company with a full set of service, from the early design scheme, to boiler selection, later transportation, installation, commissioning and other aspects, all of which are good jobs.

The boiler itself has excellent performance

It is usually believed that what really make customers trust us are the good performance of the boiler itself with operating efficiency of 80 milligrams of low nitrogen emissions.

After-sales service in place

It is the first time for this company to contact with gas-fired boilers, and it is not very skilled in boiler operation. The technical staff of Fangkuai Boiler also provided comprehensive boiler operation explanation and technical guidance for it.

Fast steam, high quality steam

The boiler can produce steam within 30 minutes, with its convenient and rapid start and stop. For the boilers, they do not need to run, because they can start to work at any time for the enterprise, which can save the investment cost of early fuel.


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