Boiler System For Food Industry

industry background

High-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly boiler equipment such as condensing gas boilers and FGR low-nitrogen boilers launched by Fangkuai have comprehensively promoted the green development of the food industry. They are in line with the green and low-nitrogen guidelines and policies in the international environment, and also have significant economic benefits.

Programme details

Distillation, drying, disinfection and other processing procedures are inseparable from steam. The high-temperature steam produced by the steam boiler is piped to the various processes of food processing, which requires a stable output, constant temperature and constant pressure.

The cooperation with Fangkuai Boiler is such a large-scale food processing enterprise. The company's project is located in Liaoyuan, mainly engaged in the processing of powdered food. At the beginning of this year, the company decided to expand the production line, add new equipment and expand the scale of the factory. The steam boiler, an important piece of equipment used for production, was also in urgent need of purchase. I learned from its peer Zhongyi Food Company that the company used the gas of Fangkuai Group. The steam boiler has maintained a continuous, stable and efficient output of steam since its operation for 4 years, and the quality is very reliable. Therefore, the company has carried out preliminary communication and exchanges with us. The technical team of Fangkuai Group quickly formulated a boiler system solution for the company based on the company's actual situation and needs. Combined with the local environmental protection standard of Liaoyuan - the nitrogen oxide emission standard of 80 mg/m3, we were provided with a split condensing low-nitrogen gas-fired steam boiler with an output of 4 tons, and they were responsible for all supporting auxiliary machines, boiler transportation, installation, boiler room construction, free after-sales guidance and 12-month warranty for the project Expect.

Program features

Systematic service is more comprehensive

This time we provide the company with a full set of service, from the early design scheme, to boiler selection, later transportation, installation, commissioning and other aspects, all of which are good jobs.

The boiler itself has excellent performance

It is usually believed that what really make customers trust us are the good performance of the boiler itself with operating efficiency of 80 milligrams of low nitrogen emissions.

After-sales service in place

It is the first time for this company to contact with gas-fired boilers, and it is not very skilled in boiler operation. The technical staff of Fangkuai Boiler also provided comprehensive boiler operation explanation and technical guidance for it.

Fast steam, high quality steam

The boiler can produce steam within 30 minutes, with its convenient and rapid start and stop. For the boilers, they do not need to run, because they can start to work at any time for the enterprise, which can save the investment cost of early fuel.


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