Textile Industry Boiler System Solutions

industry background

As the world's largest textile and apparel producer and exporter, China's continuous and steady growth in textile and apparel exports is crucial to ensuring my country's foreign exchange reserves, the balance of payments, the stability of the RMB exchange rate, social employment and sustainable development of the textile industry. At the same time, the textile industry is also a highly polluting industry. According to the statistics of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the total amount of sewage discharged from the printing and dyeing industry ranks fifth in the national manufacturing industry; 60% of the industrial sewage discharge also comes from the printing and dyeing industry, and the pollution is heavy, the treatment is difficult, and the reuse rate of wastewater is low. In the production process of the chemical fiber industry, some products use a large amount of acid and alkali, and eventually produce harmful substances such as sulfur, sulfuric acid, and sulfate, which cause serious pollution to the environment; some of the solvents and media used are more serious to the environment. Therefore, my country has always attached great importance to the pollution control of the textile industry.

Programme details

From the acquisition of raw materials to the final processing into colorful textiles, there are several complex and large-scale processing processes; it involves major steps such as dyeing and finishing, drying, sheet pressing, and sizing, which are inseparable from the completion of these steps. Turn on the steam to help. Steam can be directly involved in the technological process, and can also be used as a power source to promote the smooth progress of textile processing.

Fangkuai Boiler has various types of steam boilers, which can be divided into integrated, split, vertical and horizontal types according to different design structures. Major textile processing enterprises can choose according to the situation of the project; Low-nitrogen combustion technologies such as premixing and FGR contribute to the realization of the environmental protection development of the textile industry; and boiler equipment can also be customized according to the specific needs of users for pressure, temperature and capacity to meet the real needs of customers. The textile enterprise cooperating with Fangkuai Boiler is located in Puyang City, Henan Province, mainly engaged in the processing and sales of various types of textiles. In mid-2018, the project leader of the company contacted our company and wanted to add a steam boiler to the expanded production line. After understanding the actual production volume of the company's production line, we customized a steam boiler with an output of 6 tons of gas steam boiler (WNS6-1.25-YQ), and designed a complete set of boiler system solutions for the company, including boiler room and auxiliary equipment. On the premise of controlling costs, the most suitable boiler room was designed, which reduced the infrastructure cost of many boiler rooms for customers.

Program features

Systematic service is more comprehensive

This time we provide the company with a full set of service, from the early design scheme, to boiler selection, later transportation, installation, commissioning and other aspects, all of which are good jobs.

The boiler itself has excellent performance

It is usually believed that what really make customers trust us are the good performance of the boiler itself with operating efficiency of 80 milligrams of low nitrogen emissions.

After-sales service in place

It is the first time for this company to contact with gas-fired boilers, and it is not very skilled in boiler operation. The technical staff of Fangkuai Boiler also provided comprehensive boiler operation explanation and technical guidance for it.

Fast steam, high quality steam

The boiler can produce steam within 30 minutes, with its convenient and rapid start and stop. For the boilers, they do not need to run, because they can start to work at any time for the enterprise, which can save the investment cost of early fuel.


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