Case Introduction

Russia 6 set of electric heating steam boilers


Our company has used these 6 electric heating steam boilers for one year without any accidents and the operating temperature is very high. At the same time, the simple and intuitive operation screen greatly reduces the workload of the furnace workers. We never thought that the boiler can achieve such automation. We are very satisfied with the products of FANGKUAI Boiler.

  • Product name:Electric Steam Boiler
  • Industry involved:Chemical industry
  • Use fuel:Electricity
  • Rated evaporation:0.5t/h
  • Product model:WDR0.5-0.8-II (6 sets)
  • Application areas:Petrochemical processing

Project proposals

The company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is located in Russia. It is a well-known local petroleum equipment machinery company, mainly engaged in petrochemical industry and other aspects. After combining the actual needs of the company and the actual situation in the local area, FANGKUAI Boiler has customized 6 electric heating steam boilers (WDR0.5-0.8-II). The 6 boilers can be used as spares or can be started at the same time. Meet the company's demand for steam kinetic energy.

Product advantages

The advantage of the electric heating steam boiler is that there is no combustion chamber and no chimney is needed, so the heat loss does not have to be considered, and the thermal efficiency can reach 98% or more. At the same time, it meets the most stringent emission and fire prevention standards, and adopts the step-by-step time-sharing method to control the electric heating elements, which is convenient for users to flexibly adjust the boiler heat generation. The boiler starts and stops at a fast speed, the operating load adjustment range is large, and the operation is simple. The use of automatic sewage and scale alarms ensures the safety of the boiler.

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