Case Introduction

4-ton gas-fired steam boiler for a food processing plant in Zhoukou, Henan


It is undoubtedly the right choice to cooperate with Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler. This steam boiler not only has significant energy saving and emission reduction effects, but also meets environmental protection requirements; and the quality of the steam produced is also very high, which can fully meet our high requirements for food processing. standard.

  • Product name:steam boiler
  • Industry involved:Food Industry
  • Use fuel:natural gas
  • Rated evaporation:4t/h
  • Product model:WNS4-1.25-Y.Q
  • Application areas:food processing

Project proposals

The cooperation with Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler this time is a food processing plant located in Zhoukou City, Henan Province. In the food processing process, disinfection and fermentation processes require the use of a large amount of steam. The company is also very cautious when purchasing a steam boiler, and attaches great importance to the quality of the boiler and the quality of the steam. After many assessments, the company decided to cooperate with Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler to provide it with a gas-fired steam boiler (WNS4-1.25-Y.Q) with an output of 4 tons/hour.

Product advantages

This series of steam boilers adopt the domestic and foreign technologically advanced shell-type three-pass wet-back structure. The boiler has a very high degree of intelligence and can be fully automated. The combustion, water level, temperature and steam pressure can be automatically adjusted and protected. , Fully guarantee the safety of boiler operation.

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