Case Introduction

1.4MW gas-fired hot water boiler project for an office building exported to Mongolia


Although we are separated by two countries, the professional technical team of Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler provides great convenience and cooperation for our subsequent use of the boiler through remote guidance and specially translated English and Mongolian product manuals and operating instructions. very happy!

  • Product name:gas hot water boiler
  • Industry involved:Heating industry
  • Use fuel:natural gas
  • Rated evaporation:4t/h
  • Product model: WNS1.4-1.25-Y.Q
  • Application areas:Heating

Project proposals

The cooperation with Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler this time is a company located in Mongolia. The company has a single-family office building. Before the winter in Mongolia, the company hopes to purchase an excellent hot water boiler to heat itself. The company believes in manufacturing in China, and for this reason, it has also inspected a number of boiler companies in the Chinese market. It was finally determined to cooperate with Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler, who has rich experience in the heating field, to provide a 1.4MW gas-fired hot water boiler (WNS1.4-1.25-Y.Q) for it, which is sufficient for normal heating in the office building of the company in winter.

Product advantages

This series of gas-fired hot water boilers are fully automatic operation mode, controlled by a computer throughout the operation, and the heating surface and flue gas fluidity have been greatly optimized. The boiler obeys the compact setting of the system as a whole, which can save valuable floor space for users and reduce capital construction investment costs. At the same time, the boiler also has a large water volume, which is not sensitive to load fluctuations, and is also suitable for operating environments with large load changes.

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