Case Introduction

70MW gas-fired hot water boiler for the 2022 Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics


Ensuring the warmth of the Winter Olympics venues is the top priority. After strict inspection, screening and tendering of the boiler market, we finally confirmed the cooperation with Fangkuai Boiler. On the one hand, it was also moved by the high-quality after-sales service of Fangkuai Boiler. I believe that this hot water boiler can ensure the normal heating of the Winter Olympics venues and escort the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics.

  • Product name:hot water boiler
  • Industry involved:Heating industry
  • Use fuel:natural gas
  • Rated evaporation:70MW
  • Product model:SZS70-1.25-Y.Q
  • Application areas:Heating for the Winter Olympics

Project proposals

The Fangkuai Boiler proposed to provide a 70MW gas-fired hot water boiler (SZS70-1.25-Y.Q) for the 2022 Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics venue. At present, the boiler is in place on the project site. After careful organization and planning by the project department, a thorough and scientific hoisting plan and safety measures have been formulated in advance. It took several hours to successfully hoist this "big guy" in place, ensuring the auxiliary supporting projects for the Winter Olympics. Overall progress.

Product advantages

This series of water-tube hot water boilers adopts a double-drum vertical "D" arrangement structure. A combustion chamber and a heating surface are arranged outside the drum. Water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the tube, and flame and flue gas burn and flow outside the tube. , With extremely fast steam and water flow rate and excellent water circulation system, the heat absorption rate and thermal efficiency of the boiler have been greatly improved. The boiler is composed of two parts: the main body and auxiliary equipment. With the advancement of water treatment technology, it can ensure that the boiler will rarely scale after long-term operation. The elbow pipe with a larger heating area has been adopted to improve the various performance of the boiler.

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