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FANGKUAI's oil-fired steam boiler has been working for 17 years

FANGKUAI's oil-fired steam boiler has been working for 17 years

Sankeshu Paint is a well-known paint brand in China. It was founded in 2002 and completed its listing in 2016. In 2019, it was ranked among the top 30 paint brands in the world, with a brand value of 23.985 billion yuan. It has accumulated 285 authorized patents and is committed to building Healthy, green and environmentally friendly coating products.

As a leading brand of condensed fuel gas boilers, FANGKUAI Boiler has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of clean, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient boiler equipment since its establishment in 1998. It currently has two 120,000 square meters manufacturing bases and an intelligent boiler Operational laboratory, a modern boiler research and development center.

In 2001, in the preparatory stage before the establishment of Sankeshu Paint, Sankeshu Company and FANGKUAI Boiler Group established a friendly cooperative relationship. When completing the boiler renovation project, a set of FANGKUAI Boiler's oil-fired steam boiler series equipment was used.

From 2001 to 2018, the oil-fired steam boiler provided by FANGKUAI Company has been working in Sankeshu Enterprise for 17 years. The boiler uses cylinders to distribute the steam generated by the equipment to the pipelines. It is produced by the white latex workshop. Heating system. Later, due to low-nitrogen reconstruction, this boiler, which has served FANGKUAI users for 17 years, officially retired, and also recorded the development history of Sankeshu for 17 years, leaving a deep mark on the important historical moment of the company. At present, the boiler is collected by the Sankeshu Company in the Corporate Culture Museum.

Cambodian customers visited FANGKUAI Again

Cambodian customers visited FANGKUAI Again

On October 15, a local food processing company in Cambodia visited FANGKUAI Boiler Group, and the two parties started business negotiations on boiler equipment. Based on the good communication and sincere cooperation between the two parties, the two sides reached a consensus again. FANGKUAI Boiler was in charge of providing different types of steam boilers for all the company's food production lines.

The Cambodian customer who visited FANGKUAI Boiler this time is a large food processing company in Cambodia, which mainly produces dried mangoes and other preserved fruits. The company has a total of 10 dried mango processing production lines, each of which requires a steam boiler as a source of power to complete the needs of raw material drying, packaging sterilization and sterilization.

The customer got in touch with our company in 2018 and started preliminary cooperation. FANGKUAI Boiler provided 4 tons and 6 tons of WNS gas-fired steam boilers (WNS4-1.25.Q, WNS6) for its two production lines. -1.25.Q). After one year of use of these two steam boilers, both the operation and output of steam purity still maintain a very high operating state. This helps us won the trust and praise of this customer.

The customer visited FANGKUAI Boiler again this time to choose the right steam boiler for the company's other dried mango production lines. Based on the first successful cooperation experience, this cooperation was also very smooth. After knowing the production capacity and requirements of each production line of the company, FANGKUAI Boiler's technicians customized 5 gas-fired steam boilers for it, which is fully capable of meet the company's demand for steam.

This cooperation with the Cambodian customer is not only a solid step for FANGKUAI Boiler to expand its products to the world, but also a strong proof that FANGKUAI Boiler welcomes all partners to achieve win-win cooperation. Of course, this is also inseparable from the support of China's "Belt and Road" policy and the friendly relations between the two countries.

In the future, FANGKUAI Boiler will continue to take the research and development, production of more energy-saving, smarter and safer boiler equipment as its mission, to provide excellent products for users and friends from all countries and industries in the world.

FANGKUAI Boiler opens up new possibilities——receive customers from Poland

FANGKUAI Boiler opens up new possibilities——receive customers from Poland

Poland is located in Central Europe and borders countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, and the Czech Republic. It is also an important country in China's "Belt and Road" strategic goal. Guided by the “Belt and Road” and various favorable policies, Poland's cooperation with all walks of life in China has been smoother.

In the middle of this month, FANGKUAI Boiler Group welcomed customers from Poland. This customer is a large Polish chemical processing and production company. They came to China to seek a boiler brand company and achieve long-term success.

FANGKUAI boiler technical engineers and professional foreign trade personnel of FANGKUAI Boiler Group accompanied the customer throughout the process, and the two parties started communication and understanding on FANGKUAI Boiler Company, as well as equipment products and service systems.



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