The role, type and price of gas boiler energy saver


The boiler is a device that consumes a lot of energy, and the energy-saving device of the gas boiler is born based on this. In order to save energy, the waste heat of the high-temperature flue gas discharged from the boiler is reused. The manufacturer installs the economizer near the tail of the boiler or near the top flue, which is a component for heating the water supply. The gas boiler installed with the economizer can improve the efficiency of the boiler by lowering the exhaust gas temperature, thereby achieving the purpose of saving fuel.

Classification of energy savers:
Depending on the application and the exchange medium, the energy saver is mainly divided into flue gas-liquid boiler economizer, flue gas-air boiler economizer and all stainless steel 304 frame plus stainless steel spiral finned tube (high frequency welded pipe), which has fast heat transfer. , energy saving, durable and so on.

The energy-saving device produced by Fangfang uses a spiral finned tube structure with high heat exchange, which increases the heat exchange area by 5 times compared with the ordinary light pipe heat exchange, and the heat exchange rate is directly increased by about 5 times. It not only meets the energy-saving requirements of boiler operation, but also saves a lot of use area.

Generally speaking, the price of the energy-saving device of the gas boiler is related to various factors such as the volume of the boiler body and the expected effect. If you want to know the specific price of the energy-saving device, you need to communicate with professional technicians according to your own needs.

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