How to maintain the electric hot water boiler after stopping the furnace?

How to maintain the electric hot water boiler after stopping the furnace?

After the electric hot water boiler is out of service, it is necessary to carry out corresponding maintenance work to prevent corrosion problems inside and outside the furnace. So, do you know how to maintain the electric hot water boiler after it is shut down?

1. After the electric hot water boiler is shut down for cooling, completely remove the ash from the heated surface and the ash from the upper part of the grate and the lower part of the furnace.

2. Keep the flue has a certain natural ventilation. Under normal circumstances, in order to prevent moisture, desiccant should be placed in the furnace and flue. If quicklime is used as the desiccant, it is necessary to place about 3 kg of quicklime per cubic meter of furnace or flue. After placing, all the ventilation doors should be closed tightly. The quicklime turns pink and needs to be replaced. If the location of the boiler room is low, and the ground flooding is severe during the shutdown, the combination of frequent low-fire baking and desiccant should be used. If the boiler is shut down for a long time, red sand oil or other anti-corrosive paint is applied to the outer surface of the furnace metal after the soot is completely removed.

3. As for the anti-corrosion maintenance method of stopping the furnace inside the furnace, it is determined according to the length of the shutdown time. Under normal circumstances, the furnace can be shut down for more than one month of available wet maintenance, and more than one month should be dry maintenance.

Wet maintenance is suitable for electric hot water boilers with a shutdown period of no more than one month. After the furnace is stopped, the boiler water is discharged, cleaned and filled with clean water, the power is cut off, and the valve is closed.

Dry maintenance means that after the furnace is shut down, the boiler water is released, the dirt in the furnace is washed out, the boiler is dried with a burner, and then all the boiler gases are drained, and all the pipeline valves are closed every three months. Check once.

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