Condensing steam boiler - Euromonitor 7

Condensing steam boiler - Euromonitor 7

  • Rated thermal power: 2-20t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 100.7-103.7%
  • Pressure: ≤2.5MPa
  • Available fuel: natural gas, etc.
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Fangkuai Euromonitor 7 series steam boiler adopts coupling technology to integrate the traditional combustion system and heat transfer system into a complete thermal energy system, which solves the dilemma of sacrificing the heat transfer characteristics of the boiler to adapt to the combustion characteristics of the burner and obtains low nitrogen emissions. 

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  • The eccentric layout of the furnace

    This series of boilers adopts an eccentric arrangement of the corrugated furnace and pot shell, which can greatly reduce the diameter of the pot shell and reduce the volume of the furnace body and water volume.

  • Integrated design

    Euromonitor-θ7 series boilers are designed to connect the flue, economizer, condenser, and FGR fan into an integrated structure, canceling the installation interface between various components, reducing the difficulty of installation and reducing installation errors, to ensure the overall accuracy of the boiler installation.

  • Short start-up time

    Compared with traditional products, this series of boilers introduces a new type of enhanced heat transfer element, the heat flux density is increased, the design is compact, and the boiler water volume is much smaller than traditional products so that this series of boilers can be finished within 5 minutes.

  • Good steam quality

    Larger steam space design alleviates the risk of a large amount of backwater influx into high water levels instantly; the design of an underwater orifice plate and steam uniform plate ensures steam quality under the dual effects of water level fluctuation and load fluctuation.


FGR flue intake hidden design

Euromonitor-θ7 series boilers set the FGR flue intake inside the economizer and condenser shell, and the FGR fan sends the flue gas from the condenser flue outlet to the main fan inlet to mix with air and then enters the air.

Double-layer air preheater design

The upper layer air preheater circulates with the condenser and water tank to reduce the water supply temperature of the water tank. The lower layer air preheater can use the waste heat of the wastewater according to the actual working conditions of the use.

NC cutting

Cut edge

Intelligent welding

Drilling and reaming

Condensing steam boiler - Euromonitor 7

Types Evaporation Steam pressure Steam temperature Feed water temperature Thermal efficiency Fuel Natural gas consumption Power requirement Low calorific value Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit t/h MPa % Nm3/h V/Hz kJ/Nm³ mm t mm
θ7-2000 2 1.25 194 150℃(80%) 20℃(20%) 102.85 Gas 140.4 380/50 38270 4650 * 2810 * 2930 51.23 8.47
θ7-4000 4 103.37 273.35 5395 * 2750 * 3580 51.53 12.1
θ7-6000 6 103.05 409.6 5956 * 3030 * 4087 48.2 17.65
θ7-8000 8 103.2 549.44 6973 * 3587 * 4460 50.92 24.7
θ7-10000 10 103.72 681.07 6918 * 3241 * 4764 51.3 28.23
θ7-20000 20 100.68 1397.6 8225 * 5010 * 5600 50 40.26