What problems should be paid attention to when operating a gas steam boiler?


1. When the gas steam boiler rises from cold ignition to working pressure, the temperature rise and pressure time is generally controlled at 3 to 4 hours. When the boiler pressure rises to 0.05~0.1MPa, the boiler pressure gauge and water level gauge should be flushed; when the boiler pressure rises to 0.15~0.2MPa, the air valve on the boiler should be closed and the safety valve should be checked for leakage. If there is leakage, measures should be taken. When the boiler pressure rises to 0.2~0.25MPa, the boiler shall be subjected to a sewage test. When the sewage is discharged, the boiler water level should be higher than the normal water level, and check whether the sewage valve leaks. If there is leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate it; When the pressure rises to 0.3 MPa, it is necessary to thoroughly inspect the fastening parts of the pressure components of the boiler, such as the manhole, the hand hole, the inspection hole and the bolts connected to the flanges, and perform a hot tightening.

2. The pump can check whether it can maintain the normal water level under the automatic running state. The water level can be started normally below the “starting pump line”, and the water level can stop working in the “stop pump line”.

3. Is the pressure control normal? When the steam pressure reaches the set value, the combustion stops and the overpressure lamp lights up. When the pressure drops to the set value, the boiler can start automatically.

4. When the pressure reaches the load set value, the load is transferred from a large fire to a small fire. When the pressure drops to the set value, it is turned from a small fire to a large fire.

5. When the pressure cannot be stopped under the normal set pressure condition, the second overpressure will alarm and stop the furnace, and must be restarted.

6. The exhaust gas temperature can not exceed 300 ° C, otherwise it should be shut down for inspection.

7. When the gas-fired steam boiler enters the normal operation stage, the boiler boiler personnel should strengthen the monitoring of the boiler body, safety accessories and instruments and auxiliary equipment, and earnestly carry out the patrol inspection of the boiler and auxiliary equipment and fill in the operation record in time.