What are the advantages of low nitrogen boilers?

What are the advantages of low nitrogen boilers?

Low-nitrogen boilers use the advanced low-nitrogen combustion technology to achieve ultra-low NOx (NOx) emissions from boilers, making people's living environment more environmentally friendly. So, what are the advantages of low-nitrogen boilers?

First, low nitrogen emissions
       In terms of appearance, the low-nitrogen boiler adopts a back structure, and the furnace door is opened and the large furnace is fully mixed and burned. In addition, low-nitrogen boilers use core technologies such as flue gas external circulation (FGR) and full premixed surface combustion, and boiler NOx emissions can reach standard limits.

Second, efficient heat transfer
       Good low-nitrogen boilers are equipped with high-tech equipment including high-efficiency condensers and high-efficiency threaded pipes. They greatly optimize heat transfer calculations, enhance boiler heat transfer performance, improve thermal efficiency, and greatly reduce boilers. Operating costs.

Third, high quality materials
       As we all know, the long service life is the main criterion for material selection. The low-nitrogen boiler pipe is made of high-quality low and medium-pressure boiler seamless pipes. These pipes serve as passages to ensure safe operation. Under the same combustion intensity, the seamless steel pipe ensures the formation of high-quality and durable low-nitrogen boilers.

Fourth, intelligent start and stop
       As a large-scale processing equipment, low-nitrogen boilers require precise operation to ensure safe operation. However, due to the complexity of the internal structure of the boiler, there are relatively cumbersome steps in starting and closing. Good low-nitrogen boilers have intelligent, modern controllers that can easily meet the requirements of automatic, systematic and accurate boiler operation. In the actual operation, the start and stop of the boiler can be completed with a single push.

Five, safe operation
       The boiler operation information is transmitted to the system terminal through the Internet. After the sale, it is not necessary to enter the boiler operation site, and the cause of the failure can be known, thereby saving the maintenance cost of the boiler, improving the after-sales efficiency, and reducing the economic loss of the customer. Fangkuai Boiler also has a leading cloud service system in the boiler industry. Each boiler used by the user is closely connected with the after-sales system. The system conducts all-round inspection and monitoring of the boiler every day. Once the abnormal operation of the boiler occurs, the alarm will be started immediately. The device also informs the boiler management personnel of the company to avoid accidents to a great extent.

The above is the five advantages of the low-nitrogen boilers that Fangfeng Boiler sums up for you. It is precisely because of these advantages that low-nitrogen boilers will attract more and more people's attention. As an environmentally friendly, new and efficient product, high-quality wear-resistant low-nitrogen boilers will continue to innovate with the continuous improvement of China's independent research and development level, and there will be more improvement in performance. In the future, there will be other core advantages. come out.

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