How do gas boilers do water pressure testing?

How do gas boilers do water pressure testing?

The water pressure test is a test that must be done before each boiler is delivered. This step is mainly to check the tightness and strength of the pressure components of the boiler. Once the water pressure test is detected as unqualified, the boiler will return immediately. Factory processing, can no longer continue to sell to users.

There are four main criteria for measuring the water pressure test:
       1. There are no water drops and water mist on the metal wall of the pressurized component;
       2. After the pressure drops to the working pressure, the water will not drip at the bulge;
       3. The sealing of the pot piece of the cast iron boiler is no longer dripping after falling to the rated working pressure;
       4. No obvious residual deformation was found after the hydrostatic test.

Therefore, users may wish to ask the boiler manufacturer some questions when purchasing the boiler, such as the results of the water pressure test or the state of the boiler by a professional boiler consultant. It is not too late to confirm the inspection and then sign the contract.

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