What problems should be paid attention to when the boiler is changed from coal to electricity?

What problems should be paid attention to when the boiler is changed from coal to electricity?

“Coal to electricity” has become a very frequent project in the boiler market. Many users will feel confused when they first contact the boiler “coal to electricity” project. In fact, in order to smoothly carry out coal-to-electric boilers, it is necessary to grasp a series of precautions for coal-to-electric boilers; this will help improve the efficiency of boiler operation after successful transformation, and on the other hand, it can be used for boiler operators. The personal safety is increased, and the next boiler will come to introduce three key points in the process of coal-to-electric boilers.

First, pay attention to the planning and laying of circuit lines
       When using electric energy, each line needs to have certain independence between each line. In order to ensure that the electric boiler after the transformation does not have poor contact due to the electric wire problem, it has to have good circuit circuit planning and laying. This requires professional personnel to operate. Coal-to-electric boiler manufacturers with perfect after-sale conditions generally provide excellent services in this regard.

Second, pay attention to the installation of the electric boiler should be stable enough
       The use of boilers has certain dangers. The use of electric energy as energy source after the boiler is changed to coal can greatly increase the safety factor of use. However, when the electric boiler is installed, it is still necessary to ensure the stability of installation and install the foundation. It is also necessary to maintain a certain level of flatness so as not to have a bad influence on the electric boiler, especially in the place connected to the ground, to be adequately prepared to prevent accidents during use.

Third, pay attention to measures to prevent electric shock
       The threat of electricity to people is still relatively large. Once a person has a shocking effect, it is unimaginable. Therefore, a good quality electric boiler must pay attention to the measures to prevent electric shock. This is directly related to the personal safety of the boiler operator. Therefore, it is necessary to give full attention to the conversion of coal to electric boilers. The efficiency of coal-to-electric boilers is very important, but the improvement of efficiency must always be based on safety.

In the process of coal-to-electric boilers, we must carefully master the "coal to electricity" skills, in order to ensure that the electric boiler can play the most important role and ensure equipment and personal safety. The above is the boiler 'coal to electricity' tips that FANGKUAI Boiler will provide for you, and hope to help you carry out the boiler renovation project more smoothly.

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