What are the details to be aware of when using a condensing boiler?

What are the details to be aware of when using a condensing boiler?

The condensing boiler can recover the residual heat in the high-temperature flue gas of the boiler and the latent heat of the condensation of water vapor in the flue gas, thereby improving the use efficiency and reducing harmful gases in the flue gas. So what do consumers need to pay attention to during the life of the condensing boiler?

First, pay attention to cleaning the boiler
       The main function of the pickling inhibitor during the cleaning process is to prevent the metal from being corroded during the pickling process of the condensing boiler. In most cases, many people choose to use the eyes to check whether the cleaning of the condensing boiler is qualified. However, visual inspection can only see if the cleaning is clean, ignoring the most important indicators of cleaning - corrosion rate and corrosion. The corrosion rate and the amount of corrosion are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, consumers should also understand the measurement method of corrosion rate and corrosion amount; in the cleaning process, use the cycle mode of lowering up or going up or going up and down, installing temporary cleaning circulation pipelines in multiple positions, so that the pots and drums, steam drums, The pyrotechnic tube, the ascending tube, the descending tube and the header can be circulated by the cleaning pump to maintain a balanced concentration of the cleaning liquid, which enables the insoluble matter to be discharged from the boiler after the cleaning is completed, thereby preventing a large amount of dirt from falling off and causing the boiler to burst. Tube "accident.

Second. When one of the following conditions occurs during the operation of the condensing boiler, it should be immediately shut down.
       The water level of the condensing boiler is lower than the lowest visible edge of the water level table; the water supply is continuously increased and other measures are taken, but the water level continues to drop; the water level of the condensing boiler exceeds the highest visible water level of the water level table, and the water level cannot be seen after the water is discharged; all the water pumps fail or water supply In case of system failure, water cannot be supplied to the condensing boiler; the condensing boiler water level gauge or safety valve is completely ineffective; the condensing boiler components are damaged and endanger the safety of the operating personnel.

Therefore, when consumers choose and use the factory direct condensing boiler, not only need to follow the instructions for the operation of the standard, but also need to pay more attention to the precautions in the use of the condensing boiler, so that consumers can use the condensing boiler The process is double-insurance to avoid risks during the operation.

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