How to extend the service life of low-nitrogen boilers?

How to extend the service life of low-nitrogen boilers?

Many business units are in contact with low-nitrogen boilers for the first time, and they do not have a good grasp of how to operate correctly and effectively extend the service life of the boiler. FANGKUAI Boiler specializes in the production of low-nitrogen boilers, summarizing the following three techniques for extending the life of low-nitrogen boilers, helping users to better operate low-nitrogen boilers.

1. Do a good job of power inspection.
       Low-nitrogen boilers are the power source for industrial production. Before use, it is necessary to do safety hazard investigation and power supply inspection and maintenance work to ensure the operator's personal safety and high-speed operation of the boiler. In addition, the equipment must be zero. All parts of the inspection work in order to make the life of low-nitrogen boilers longer.

2. Keep the equipment dry and check the smoke pipe regularly.
       When the low-nitrogen boiler is completed, the operator should cut off the power supply in time, and when the temperature of the equipment drops, clean the dust and stains on the outer casing, and place the boiler in a dry and ventilated place to ensure the next time. Normal opening, secondly, because the low-nitrogen boiler is mainly exhausted through the threaded pipe, the operator should regularly clean the pipe after using the device to avoid being blocked by dust and affecting its use. effect.

3. Regularly add lubricant to parts.
       When the low-nitrogen boiler is operated at low load, the inspectors must concentrate on strengthening the analysis of each instrument, and make correct judgments and treatments in case of abnormal conditions to ensure the normal operation of the boiler and prolong its service life; In addition, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to the various components of the low-nitrogen boiler to reduce the boiler running resistance and improve the production efficiency.

The above are three tips for extending the service life of low-nitrogen boilers for you. Only by ensuring the safe and stable operation of the boiler can you win greater economic benefits for the company.

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