How to prevent gas boiler explosion?

How to prevent gas boiler explosion?

There are three reasons for the explosion of a gas boiler: gas (fuel), air and heat. Once the three reach a certain level, it is not far from the explosion of the boiler.

The key to preventing the explosion of gas boilers is to prevent the three from reaching certain limits at the same time. Among them, air is ubiquitous, it is very difficult to remove this condition, so the focus of explosion-proof is concentrated on gas and heat sources. Therefore, almost all gas explosion-proof technologies at this stage focus on how to treat gas and heat sources.

A large number of accidents indicate that the explosion of the gas boiler boiler or flue site is caused by the accumulation of gas and air in the furnace or flue, and the fire or high-temperature heat source. The combustible mixture is obviously mixed with air from the air. Forming. Therefore, the core of preventing gas boiler explosion is to prevent the boiler from entering the furnace when it is not running (no flame in the furnace); and it should be noted that the boiler must be "fire and other gas" when it starts, that is, the gas is first supplied and then ignited to form a heat source.

To this end, "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" and "Hot Water Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" clearly stipulate that: gas (including fuel, pulverized coal) boilers must be equipped with reliable ignition program control and flameout protection devices; Explosion-proof doors should also be installed in inflammable and explosive parts such as furnaces and flue ducts. The first half of the regulation is actually based on the mechanism of the explosion to prevent the formation of a mixture of gas and air, and to ensure the realization of "fire and other gas"; the latter part is used as a remedy, once the furnace or flue explosion, through the explosion-proof door Reduce the damage caused by the explosion.

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