How to make the normal pressure hot water boiler operate safely?


According to the structural design, the use of atmospheric hot water boilers should be of no risk. This is mainly due to the fact that the top of the atmospheric hot water boiler is open to the atmosphere, and the internal pressure is always the same as the outside. Many residential and breeding centers choose to use this type of boiler.

Although the safety of atmospheric pressure hot water boilers is very high, this does not mean that the furnace personnel can be negligent. A relatively old steam boiler located in a fish farm in Wangtan Village, Rudong Town, Rudong County, exploded due to improper operation of the boiler operator.

When using a normal pressure hot water boiler, pay attention to the regular observation of the water level to avoid low water level and dry burning. Otherwise, there will be certain dangers, and the service life of the boiler will be seriously reduced. Boiler operators should pay attention to the following matters:
       1. Strictly implement various rules and regulations, earnestly study the professional knowledge of boilers, continuously improve the level, and ensure the safe and economic operation of boilers.
       2. After the normal pressure hot water boiler is put into use, the unit and individual may not change the boiler structure, valve and pipeline system without authorization.
       3. Inspect and inspect various equipments according to regulations before taking over, including: water level of water tank (hot water tank, expansion water tank), energy consumption (boiler gas meter), thermometer (hot water tank temperature, boiler heat medium water temperature), etc. Check the operation records, check the equipment, and learn more about the boiler operation when you transfer the shift.
       4. The succession personnel will go to the boiler room in advance to prepare for the work according to the regulations, shifts and prescribed time, and understand the boiler operation.
       5. The shifter should prepare in advance, carry out serious and comprehensive inspections and investigations, and keep the boiler running normally.
       6. The shifting staff should introduce the relevant problems of equipment operation, water quality and boiler discharge to the successor. If the handover procedure is not completed, the handover personnel must not leave the job. 7. Keep the boiler body clean when the boiler is running, no dirt, no leakage, no rust and corrosion, and fill in the equipment maintenance record carefully and in detail.
       8. The boiler room is one of the key departments of the boiler unit. Except for the boiler room staff, relevant leaders, and safety, security, and department management personnel, other personnel are not allowed to enter without permission.
       9. It is forbidden to store inflammable, explosive and other miscellaneous items in the boiler room. It is necessary to install oil drums and oil pots with a small amount of lubricating oil and cleaning oil. Store them at the designated place and pay attention to check whether there is explosives in the burning.
       10. The boiler room should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment, carefully managed, do not move or use it for other purposes.
       11. The floor, walls, doors and windows of the boiler room are always kept clean and hygienic.
       12. The supervisors should check the operation records and environmental sanitation regularly and irregularly, find problems and solve them in time.
       13. Go to work on time according to the prescribed time, do a good job of shifting records, and do not leave the job casually.
       14. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, sleep, gamble, and fight in the boiler room.
       15. After equipment failures and accidents are reported in time (timely reported to the person in charge at night), the written accident report is written in a realistic manner. After the investigation is clear, after the responsibility is clarified, the accidental loss is caused to the dereliction of duty, and the responsibility is handled.