Repair Method of Gas Hot Water Boiler after Fault


Inevitably, gas-fired hot water boilers will fail due to human error or boiler's own reasons in operation. After the failure, we should deal with it in time in order to prevent more damage. Fangkuai Boiler summarizes four repair methods after stopping and checking for your reference.

First, stop the furnace.
       1. Do not stop the pump immediately when the furnace is shut down. The pump must be stopped when the boiler outlet temperature is below 50 °C. At the same time, the water supply valve and the hot network return valve should be turned off, and the boiler water must be discharged before inspection and then repair can be carried out.

Second, check.
     1. Before entering the boiler, all the water in the boiler must be drained, and the sewage outlets are all open. The manhole on the drum, the hand hole on the header must be opened, so that the air can be convected for a period of time before entering the internal work.
       It must be noted that when someone inside the drum is working, there must be someone under the drum.
      2. Before entering the combustion chamber or flue to work, ventilation, anti-virus, fire prevention and explosion-proof measures must be taken. The flue gate connected with the main flue or other flue of running boilers will be closed tightly.
      3. Safety voltage should be used in lighting. If the boiler body and flue tubes are humid, the lighting voltage shall not exceed 12V. If it is dry, the lighting voltage should not exceed 36V. In addition, proper safety measures should be taken to prohibit the use of open-fire lighting.