Which type of steam boiler is more convenient for garment factories?


For garment factories and garment factories, choosing a suitable steam boiler can often achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. The appropriate steam boiler is directly related to the production efficiency and cost expenditure of the enterprise, but each garment factory enterprise has different characteristics of production conditions and needs, and specific problems need to be analyzed in detail when choosing a steam boiler. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory summarizes the points that garment factories need to pay attention to when purchasing steam boilers for your reference and understanding.

1. Energy saving and money saving. A steam boiler is needed for washing, drying, ironing, etc. in garment factories, which shows that the total steam consumption is large. Therefore, when choosing equipment, we should take energy consumption into consideration. If the electricity load in the plant is sufficient, and the local electricity bill is cheap, and there are even low electricity discounts, you can consider using electricity to heat the steam boiler; if these conditions are not met, but the plant has natural gas pipelines, it is generally better to use gas-fired steam boilers .

2. It is environmentally friendly and more environmentally friendly. While the country has adopted various measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, it has also put forward higher requirements for the use of steam boilers in garment factories, which are generally different in different regions. For example, first-tier cities have very strict requirements for nitrogen oxide emissions, and electric steam generators are more suitable; second and third-tier cities, if you feel that the later cost of electrical equipment is too high, you can choose gas or oil-fired steam boilers; and then remote rural or mountainous areas , Often the environmental protection requirements are slightly loose, and can be selected flexibly according to needs.

3. Steam characteristics. Such as steam cleanliness, dryness, pressure, temperature, etc., different types of work have different requirements for steam. The selection should be based on the needs of the corresponding garment factory.

Based on the above points mentioned by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory, you can choose a steam boiler that saves money, is environmentally friendly, and can meet production needs according to the specific conditions and steam characteristics of your own garment factory.