Gas Fired Vertical Hot Water Boiler

Gas Fired Vertical Hot Water Boiler

  • Rated thermal power: 0.35-0.7Mw
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 95-96%
  • Pressure: 0.1MPa
  • Available fuel: natural gas
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Based on the principles of thermodynamics and heat transfer, the burner is closely matched with the boiler to achieve the optimum ratio. Moreover, on the basis of traditional vertical hot water boilers, an integrated solution for waste heat utilization is added. The exhaust gas temperature is as low as 90℃, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%-96%. The efficiency of the boilers is maximized.

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  • Environmental protection

    The condensing heating surface is composed of a spiral finned tube, which has high heat absorption efficiency and reduces the exhaust gas temperature.

  • Low heat loss

    The use of high temperature insulation materials, heat loss is less, the boiler efficiency is increased by more than 5%.

  • Never rust

    Built-in food grade enamel coating, high quality water, not easy to fall off; anti-rust, anti-corrosion function, to ensure never rust.

  • Long operating life

    The nozzles of the boiler are arranged reasonably, and the scale block is effective to prevent scale generation and improve the service life of the boiler.


Patented technology of scale baffle

The patented technology of self-developed scale baffle can adjust the water circulation of the system. It can deposit scales on the top of the scale baffle and avoid scaling on the top of the easy-to-scale inner gallbladder.

Digital control technology

The digital controller features a friendly human-machine interface, a safety warning mechanism, and an anti-crash automatic protection function to make the boiler system work more reliable.

NC cutting

Cut edge

Intelligent welding

Drilling and reaming

Gas Fired Vertical Hot Water Boiler

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Kw MPa % V/Hz mm kg mm
V3 99 1 90 Natural gas 220/50 1700 * 820 * 1100 420 180