How much natural gas does a 6-ton natural gas boiler consume per hour?

How much natural gas does a 6-ton natural gas boiler consume per hour?

After a 6-ton natural gas boiler is stable, it can produce 6 tons or more of hot water or steam per hour for use. To say how much natural gas a 6-ton natural gas boiler consumes per hour, this should be one of the issues that users are most concerned about. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory will do the calculations for everyone.

The gas consumption of a natural gas boiler is mainly related to the tonnage of the boiler and the thermal efficiency during operation. The specific calculation formula is as follows:

(Steam enthalpy value—feed water enthalpy value) X evaporation capacity / thermal efficiency / calorific value of natural gas = gas consumption

According to different factors such as furnace type and thermal efficiency, the approximate air consumption for producing 1 ton of steam is 70 to 90 square meters per hour, and the air consumption for producing 6 tons of steam or hot water is multiplied by 6 on the basis of 1 ton. At 420-540 bid square per hour.

If you want the natural gas boiler you use to be more energy-efficient, you can think of ways to improve the operating thermal efficiency of the boiler.

The thermal efficiency of the natural gas boilers launched by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory is generally above 98%, which is much higher than that of other natural gas boilers on the market. After one year of operation, it can save at least tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan in fuel. Cost, very energy-saving and money-saving.

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