What is the main difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler?

What is the main difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler?

Both water-tube boilers and fire-tube boilers are relatively common boiler models. The difference between the two makes their target user groups different. So how do you choose to use water-tube boilers or fire-tube boilers? What is the difference between these two types of boilers? Let Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory tell you.

The difference between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler lies in the difference of the medium in the tube. The water inside the tube of the water tube boiler heats the water through the external flue gas convection/radiation heat exchange; the inside of the fire tube boiler tube is flue gas, which allows the flue gas to heat the medium outside the tube to achieve heat exchange.

Fire tube boilers have simple structure, large water and steam volumes, good adaptability to load changes, and lower water quality requirements than water tube boilers. They are mostly used in small-scale enterprise production processes and domestic heating. The heating surface of the water tube boiler is convenient to arrange and has good heat transfer performance. It is structurally used for large-capacity and high-parameter working conditions, and has high requirements for water quality and operating level.

The main difference between the two types of boilers is:
       (1) Water tube boiler has a wider range of pressure adaptation, breaking through the pressure limit and meeting the 2.5MPa upper steam supply requirements. The fire tube boiler is used under the pressure of 2.5 MPa by the material wall thickness and pressure limitation;
       (2) Fire tube boiler shell boilers are too large due to the current equipment and tooling restrictions of various boiler manufacturers. Fire tube boilers are difficult to manufacture, usually 35t/h down-pipe structure boilers to achieve large-scale boilers. 35t/h upper boilers usually adopt water-pipe structure;
       (3) Fire tube boilers have the characteristics of compact structure. At the same output, the appearance and equipment weight are lower than fire tube boilers. Water tube boilers have more space for superheaters because of their larger size. Therefore, water tube boilers occupies a relatively large boiler room.

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