What are the advantages of using a pressurized hot water boiler?


Pressure-bearing hot water boilers have been widely used in various industries due to their high-pressure characteristics, which has brought great convenience to people's daily life. Due to its energy saving and high economic efficiency, market demand has been on a continuous upward trend, and customers insist on the use of pressurized hot water boilers mainly because of its four distinct advantages.

First, the price is cheap.
       The price of the pressurized hot water boiler is not very high. Most of them use clean fuel such as natural gas. The fuel price has also shown a downward trend in recent years. Coupled with the high efficiency of the pressurized hot water boiler, the pressure of the pressure is selected. The total cost of a water boiler is low. In addition, the pressure-bearing hot water boiler is extremely durable and the maintenance is very simple and convenient, and the economy is good when used.

Second, the efficiency is higher.
       The pressure-bearing hot water boiler adopts the design of three processes. The wet-type structure greatly increases the heating area of ​​the boiler. At the same time, the flue gas condensation recovery device is also installed at the tail, which can reduce the exhaust gas temperature to below 100 ° C. The heat is reused and the heat efficiency is higher.

Third, security and stability.
       Before the factory, the pressure hot water boilers are equipped with high-temperature alarm system, over-pressure alarm system, water shortage and water leakage alarm system and flame-out protection system. These safety accessories will monitor the operating status of the boiler in real time. When the problem is discovered, the warning device is immediately activated, which makes the pressurized hot water boiler safer and more stable in use.

Fourth, the small footprint.
       Pressure-bearing hot water boilers usually adopt a quick-loading structure. The bottom of the whole boiler is made of extremely rigid material, which is more compact and more convenient in installation and transportation. In this way, the pressure-bearing boiler is suitable for use. The requirements are not high and are suitable for use in a variety of different environments.

The above are the four main advantages of FANGKUAI Boiler for your pressurized hot water boilers. These advantages are also the main reasons why many customers are willing to choose and insist on using pressurized hot water boilers. However, in actual use, the pressurized hot water boiler needs the operator to check and debug it regularly, and it is necessary to check its integrity in time to ensure the safety of the boiler during operation.