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What is Pressureless Boiler?

Generally speaking, a normal-pressure boiler refers to a normal-pressure hot water boiler, also called a pressureless boiler, which belongs to the category of civil life boilers. The top of the atmospheric hot water boiler is provided with an atmosphere port, and the boiler body is used under normal pressure operation to maintain balance with the external atmospheric pressure.

The obvious feature of the atmospheric boiler is that the boiler is not under pressure, there is no safety hazard, and there will be no explosion accident due to operation or other failures.

What are the advantages of Pressureless Boiler?

  • Security

    The atmospheric pressure of the boiler is always consistent with the outside world, and there will never be an explosion or other dangerous accident.

  • Efficient operation

    The new condensing waste heat technology is used to recover the heat of the latent heat of the flue gas, and the boiler operating efficiency is as high as 98%.

  • Ultra-low nitrogen emission

    Combined with full premixing, FGR and other combustion technologies, the company achieves ultra-low nitrogen emissions of less than 30mg/Nm3, contributing to the global sustainable environmental protection cause.

  • Long service life

    The use of embossed aluminum sheets and centrifugal glass wool as outer packaging and insulation materials, anti-corrosion and heat loss reduction go hand in hand.

  • Fully automatic operation

    The boiler is equipped with a DCS control box and a self-developed PLC control system. After starting, the boiler is fully automatic and the operation is more convenient.

  • Small footprint

    The high-efficiency heat exchange element, the wing tube, helps the boiler to increase the heat transfer efficiency by at least 5 times, and the boiler footprint is reduced by more than 20%.

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What are the advantages of Pressureless Boiler?


Similar to office buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, etc., boilers are needed to maintain an adapted temperature environment. The atmospheric boiler itself does not have pressure, and the risk index assumed during operation is extremely low. It is more suitable for use in places with large traffic, which guarantees the safety of people and buildings.

Supply domestic hot water

Some people have water, bathing, drinking, cleaning impurities, etc. are inseparable from water. Atmospheric pressure boilers usually have two sets of plate changing systems. The water at the same temperature can be heated by the boiler to output hot water of two temperatures to meet the needs of different users.

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Pressureless Boiler FAQ

  • Does the pressureless boiler require annual inspection?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Pressureless boiler are not included in the scope of special equipment. They are exempt from inspection boilers and do not require annual inspection.

  • Can pressureless boiler be used as a pressure boiler?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Never. There is a big difference between the two boilers in terms of structure and design. If the pressureless boiler is under pressure, the boiler is likely to have a dangerous accident.

  • Can pressureless hot water boiler be changed to a steam boiler?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    No. The steam boiler is under pressure, and the pressureless hot water boiler itself does not have pressure. If the user changes it at will, the boiler will be subjected to a large operational risk.

  • Will the pressureless boiler explode?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Under normal circumstances, pressureless boiler will not explode, because the boiler operates at normal pressure, the safety index is very high; but it is still necessary to operate the boiler in strict accordance with the specifications.


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