Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler

A fire tube boiler is an industrial boiler in which flue gas generated after combustion of a fuel flows through a fire tube or a smoke tube to heat a water, steam or steam-water mixture outside the fire tube or the smoke tube.

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The boiler installs the energy-saving device, further recovery of low-grade heat, improve the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler.

The spirally corrugated tube strengthen the disturbance of flue gas,high heat transfer efficiency.

The boiler adopts the fully automatic low nitrogen burner and flue gas recirculation system (FGR) technology. The fuel is fully burned, and the NOx emission can be reduced to below 30mg/m³.

Adopts advanced corrugated furnace to increase heat transfer area and satisfy the free expansion of the furnace after being heated,while the corrugated furnace structure enhanced smoke disturbance, heat transfer and combustion enhancement.

  • The boiler shell use aluminium silicate board for heat preservation, the thickness of board is 8cm, high thermal shielding efficiency but low heat loss, to increase the boiler.

  • Adopts double drums and "D" type structure, good flame fullness degree, boiler could absorb the thermal expansion effectively, and the large radiant heationg surface could ensure the high thermal efficiency.

  • The boiler adopts the fully automatic low nitrogen burner and flue gas recirculation system (FGR) technology. The fuel is fully burned, and the NOx emission can be reduced to below 30mg/m³.

  • Membrane wall structure is used for furnace water wall and convection pass, good leak-proofness, low air leakage, decrease the heat losing of exhaust gas, improve boiler thermal efficiency.

  • The use of high-quality centrifugal glass wool for insulation, reduce heat loss, insulation effect is excellent.

  • Flue gas is condensed and recovered, the combustion efficiency is >98%, and the thermal efficiency is ≥104%, which can reduce fuel consumption by more than 4%.

  • The furnace is placed outside the cylinder, and the volume of the furnace can be large or small to meet the requirements of combustion and large evaporation.

  • The oxygen content of the feed water is <16%. The material of the boiler body is made of silicon-aluminum alloy and other materials, which is more resistant to corrosion.

FANGKUAI fire Tube Steam Boiler

1-20t/h Rated evaporation

≤3.82MPa Rated pressure

FANGKUAI fire Tube Hot Water Boiler

0.7-14MW Rated thermal power

≤1.25MPa Rated pressure

  • How to improve the thermal efficiency of fire tube boilers?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Firstly, it is necessary to make full use of the heat in the flue gas and reabsorb the latent heat in the flue gas through the waste heat recovery device. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the fire tube boiler is cleaned regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the boiler and affect the good operation of the boiler.

  • How to extend the operating life of the fire tube boiler?

    Mr.Wang FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    First of all, we must do a good job of inspection during the operation of the boiler, and carry out a safety inspection on the boiler and boiler room every month. Secondly, we should check the boiler regularly (every 3-6 months); we must also do the maintenance work after the boiler is shut down. Choose the maintenance method according to the length of the shutdown.

  • How to ensure the safe and stable operation of the fire tube boiler?

    Mr.Zhang FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    First of all, there must be a professional furnace personnel to operate the boiler; and, in strict accordance with the fire tube boiler specifications to operate the boiler, can not exceed the boiler rated range.

  • What are the structures of the fire tube boiler? Which places are they suitable for?

    Mr.Han FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Fire tube boilers are divided into horizontal and vertical. The tonnage of horizontal fire tube boilers ranges from 1 ton to 20 tons, and the vertical tonnage of fire tube boilers is slightly smaller; fire tube boilers of different structures can be selected according to industry demand and actual conditions of boiler room.


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