What is the market price of a 2 ton gas steam boiler?


To say that the market price of a 2-ton gas-fired steam boiler is mainly determined according to the boiler main engine, auxiliary equipment, installation cost, freight and other expenses. Different boiler manufacturers, different operating modes, using different materials and different structures of stoves, the final boiler prices are different. Among them, the cost of the boiler body is relatively fixed, and the cost of auxiliary equipment depends on the brand selected by the company. The installation cost and freight must be negotiated with the manufacturer.

When purchasing boilers, many users will find that the prices of gas-fired steam boilers from different manufacturers vary greatly. In fact, you can use this short answer: If you want to buy a car, there are thousands of configuration ranges for different brands. The prices of boilers with different configurations and different efficiencies are of course different.

Therefore, the boiler is the same. Although the steam is the same, the steam boiler is also 2 tons, which can produce 2 tons of steam per hour, that is, whether the output is sufficient.

In addition, it also produces two tons of steam and how much natural gas is consumed. Of course, this is firstly related to the commissioning of the combustion chamber, but it is also mainly related to the technical heating area of ​​the boiler.

The service life of the boiler can not be used for 2-3 years, at least 15 to 20 years, and the design service life is 20 years. The quality of the boiler material directly affects the service life of the boiler, the thickness of the furnace wall and the thickness of the pipe.