What are the possible reasons for the failure of the hot water boiler?


Hot water boilers are mostly used for heating and heating in winter. If a failure occurs during the heating process, the user's hot water will be insufficient and the ambient temperature will be too low, which will affect normal life. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory summarized some common failure causes and solutions of hot water boilers to help everyone run the boiler better.

At present, most of the hot water boilers on the market adopt the structure of membrane water wall. What are the advantages of this design?

1. Since the membrane water wall of the hot water boiler has good sealing performance and better heat preservation effect, it improves the thermal efficiency of boiler operation, thereby providing more heat for production and life per unit time.

2. Because it surrounds the furnace and has good airtightness, part of the furnace wall can be saved with refractory materials, which simplifies the furnace wall structure to a certain extent and reduces the total weight of the boiler.

Many users have reported that the hot water boiler has a low water level during the operation. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory analyzed that it may be due to the water level sensor, the main controller, etc., or the heating system has water shortage. The specific situation needs to be finalized through detailed investigation and then resolved.

If it is a water shortage, replenish water in time after confirmation. If it is said that the water level sensor, controller, etc. have poor contact, then they should be replaced after confirmation. Of course, there will be other reasons. These should be based on the specific situation and take reasonable measures.