How to choose the steam boiler used in the paper mill?


Steam boiler is one of the indispensable equipment in the paper industry. If boiler equipment with good energy-saving effect, good environmental performance and high operating efficiency can be purchased, it can save a lot of input costs for paper-making enterprises, and it is also beneficial to environmental protection. , Two birds with one stone.

So what issues should users in the paper industry need to pay attention to when choosing a steam boiler? Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory will answer for you.

1. The body structure of the steam boiler
       Steam boilers can be divided into horizontal steam boilers and vertical steam boilers according to their size. Horizontal steam boilers mostly refer to large-scale steam boiler products, while vertical steam boilers mostly refer to small-scale steam boiler products. Therefore, users choose vertical steam boilers or horizontal steam boilers according to the size of the additional evaporation capacity.

2. Parameters of steam boiler
       The boiler product parameters produced by different steam boiler manufacturers are different, such as boiler size, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, power consumption, boiler weight, steam temperature and other parameters, so we must choose the steam boiler that suits ourselves according to our needs.

3. The fuel used in the steam boiler
       Regarding steam boilers, they can be divided into gas-fired steam boilers, oil-fired steam boilers, electric steam boilers, biomass steam and coal-fired steam boilers according to the type of fuel, and the operating costs are also different. Nowadays, gas, oil, and electricity are the most used fuels. Everyone also chooses according to their own circumstances.

4. The price of steam boiler
       The prices of steam boiler products produced by different boiler manufacturers are different, which are related to many factors such as the manpower, materials, and transportation of the boiler. Therefore, we must choose high-quality, low-cost, and cost-effective steam boilers.

5. Steam boiler quality
       The steam boiler belongs to one of the special equipment, and belongs to the pressure vessel, so its safety quality is particularly important. When we choose the steam boiler, we must choose large enterprises, so that the product quality can be guaranteed, and the safety performance can also be guaranteed.