When the hot water boiler always needs to make up water, what's wrong with the boiler?

When the hot water boiler always needs to make up water, what's wrong with the boiler?

Under normal circumstances, the hot water boiler only needs regular water replenishment. If the boiler frequently needs a large amount of water replenishment, it means that there is a problem inside the boiler, which needs to be discovered and solved in time. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory has summarized the following possible reasons when the boiler always needs to make up water for your reference.

Phenomenon: The display value of the pressure gauge drops frequently.
       The water pressure of a normal boiler must be greater than 0.8bar, and the water supplement period should be more than 3-6 months. The boiler is connected with the heat dissipation system in the room to form a heating system. The water pressure gauge on the boiler shows the pressure value of the entire heating system, so make-up water is to make up the entire heating system. Therefore, in most cases, the frequent replenishment of water is a possible problem in the heating system, not a boiler problem.

Reason 1: the newly commissioned heating system
       The newly commissioned heating system had a lot of air in the early stage, and the automatic exhaust valve of the system caused the pressure to drop, which required multiple water replenishment.

Reason 2: There is a leak in the heating system
       The joints of the exposed pipes or buried pipes of the heating system may be leaky and have little leakage. Since the boiler is in the heating state, the entire system is hot, so the leaked water evaporates quickly. It is difficult to spot the leaks with the naked eye.
       If there is a boiler pressure drop and the leak cannot be found, it is recommended to check whether the boiler is leaking.
       Inspection Method:
       Stop running the hot water boiler, close the heating supply and return water valve under the boiler (make sure the valve can be closed), disconnect the boiler from the system directly, fill the boiler to an integer value, and observe for a period of time to see if there are fluctuations in the water pressure gauge. This method can simply determine whether it is a boiler problem or a water leakage problem in the heating system pipeline behind the valve.

Reason 3: Failure of the expansion water tank in the boiler
       Failure of the expansion tank will cause the system pressure to exceed 3 bar when the hot water boiler is heating up, and the safety valve will be protected by water leakage. Please contact the after-sales team of the boiler manufacturer for replacement.

Reason 4: The water supply valve is not closed tightly
       If the water supply valve is not closed tightly and the pressure of the tap water pipe network is low, the system will lose pressure when using domestic hot water.
       Solution: If there is frequent water replenishment, you need to contact the after-sale boiler factory to check the heating system as soon as possible to avoid damage to the hot water boiler caused by long-term water replenishment.

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