Before starting the steam boiler, which parts must be ensured for safety?

Before starting the steam boiler, which parts must be ensured for safety?

The steam boiler is a pressurized equipment. The majority of users and friends must confirm the boiler and its various components before using it to avoid safety problems, which will delay normal use and cause varying degrees of loss. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory summarized the following components that need to be ensured before starting the steam boiler for your reference.

1. Before using the steam boiler, be sure to check whether the internal parts of the steam boiler, such as the steam pipe, pressure gauge, and water level gauge, are in a safe and intact state. The water in the steam boiler must have been softened. Yes, the water must be kept clean and it must not contain grease. Regarding the safety valve of the steam boiler, it must not be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can be ensured to the best degree, which does not need to be adjusted at any time. The exterior of the product should be cleaned at all times.

2. In the process of using the steam boiler to increase the pressure, be sure to check whether the gas valve is sensitive, and check the height of the water level. Remember to keep the water level at two-thirds of the water level. This is very important. Yes, too high or too low is not allowed, otherwise there will be a danger of explosion. If you find that the bladder of the steam boiler is burning red, you should immediately stop using the steam boiler, because in this case, if If you continue to use the steam boiler, it is easy to damage the steam boiler products.

3. At the same time, when using a steam boiler, you should always pay attention to keeping the inside and outside of the steam boiler clean, and a series of maintenance work on the steam boiler must be done.

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