What is the application of low-nitrogen condensing gas boilers?


The low-nitrogen gas boiler is based on the comprehensive improvement of people's living standards, and introduces more efficient, energy-saving, comfortable and convenient, low-emission environmental protection thermal equipment.

What are the benefits of using a low-nitrogen gas boiler?

1. Capacity expansion is good
       As the season changes or other conditions, the user's demand for boiler heat output also changes. Fangchao's low-nitrogen gas boiler can adopt multiple joint-controlled operation modes, and flexibly adjust the number of operating units according to different needs of users, which can meet user needs and avoid unnecessary waste.

2. Small footprint
       After thousands of tests, the boilers have been properly selected. Compared with ordinary gas-fired boilers, the boilers can save more than 20% of the floor space, lower the boiler building infrastructure requirements, and reduce the user input costs.

3. Running quiet
       Fang quickly chooses the internationally renowned brand, Liya Road burner, which has good sound insulation effect, which significantly reduces the noise generated by combustion and flue. The noise is less than 60 decibels (normal speaking sound).

4. A wide range of applications
       Due to the modular design structure of the boiler, the installation and transportation are very flexible, and the emission of harmful substances is very low. It is widely used in large-scale use places such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, factories, etc.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection
       The boiler cooperates with the natural gas combination proportional control valve and the full premixed fan, which not only ensures an excellent air-fuel ratio, but also automatically adjusts the boiler output to meet the dynamic heat load, so that the boiler heat output curve is as close as possible to the dynamic heat demand curve, Produce invalid output, heat exchange efficiency can reach 108%, realizing energy saving and environmental protection.