What should you pay attention to when purchasing a commercial gas hot water boiler?


First of all, the boiler manufacturer should be assessed.
       In general, users will have higher quality requirements for commercial boilers.

Second, the boiler must be selected.
       1. Boiler combustion efficiency
       Commercial gas hot water boilers are mainly used for heating and bathing, so it is necessary to provide all-weather, uninterrupted water supply and heat supply. When purchasing, you should first understand the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Attention should be paid to the boiler exhaust temperature, excess air ratio, fuel combustion utilization rate, furnace wall heat dissipation strength, etc. (see the next article for specific factors affecting boiler thermal efficiency). The boiler combustion efficiency directly determines the cost of boiler use.
       2. Boiler circulating water pump
       Among the components operating in gas-fired hot water boilers, circulating water pumps are one of the most vulnerable parts. Boilers with good high temperature resistance, low noise and low vibration should be selected, and the service life of such boilers will be greatly enhanced.
       3. The boiler protection device
       A good boiler not only has high thermal efficiency and resistance to the use of components, but also a protective device. When there are many unexpected situations such as low temperature, high temperature, high water level and low water level, the boiler should have very sensitive and obvious alarm devices to ensure the safety of the boiler.
       4. The boiler anti-seize device
       Considering the special nature of commercial gas hot water boilers, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the boiler has anti-seize devices. This device is related to the service life of the boiler and also relates to the stability of the equipment and cannot be ignored.

Finally, boiler after-sales service is also an important assessment point for users when selecting boiler products.
        A well-established boiler manufacturing brand, even if it is a little expensive, will also feel unlimited safety during use.

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