FANGKUAI shared the prise of the hot water system it developed with the automotive industry at APEC

FANGKUAI shared the prise of the hot water system it developed with the automotive industry at APEC

Recently, FANGKUAI Group was invited to participate in the year-end event of the automotive supporting industry. When looking at the event location, it was actually in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Conference Center. This place is of great significance to FANGKUAI Group!

Just in 2014, leaders of various countries gathered at the Yanqi Lake International Conference Center in Beijing to celebrate the event. As the most influential official forum for economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, the APEC conference venues adhered to the concept of "low-carbon environmental protection and technological innovation" during construction, which coincided with FANGKUAI Group's green environmental protection concept. As the only company in China As a boiler enterprise that has passed the test of ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions, FANGKUAI Group has become a company that provides designated products for heating and hot water for the APEC summit.

At this annual meeting of auto parts industry, FANGKUAI Boiler shared the "Solution of Hot Water System Production in Auto Parts Industry" and got constant praise from various companies and leaders.

Over the years, FANGKUAI Boiler has been cultivating hot water system solutions for the industrial production industry. It has provided effective and quality services for Jinlong, Zhongtong, BAIC New Energy, BYD, Weimar, Fengshen, Baojun, Geely and other well-known brands in the automotive industry.

The three-day year-end event has come to an end. FANGKUAI Boiler and the solutions for the production of hot water systems in the automotive industry have received enthusiastic response at the venue. The guests are proud of the rapid development and bright prospects of the automotive accessory industry.

In the future, FANGKUAI will also continue to adhere to innovation and development, users first, carry forward the spirit of artisans, provide strong support for the automotive supporting production industry, and accelerate the construction of an industrial supporting structure and production of high technological content, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution for the automotive supporting industry. Ways to fully implement green manufacturing projects and make greater contributions.

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