Fangkuai helps JD Cloud Data to create a high-efficiency and energy-saving hot water solution

Fangkuai helps JD Cloud Data to create a high-efficiency and energy-saving hot water solution

  With the boomingdevelopment of the mobile Internet industry, new technologies, new services and data centers are becoming more and more closely related, and all walks of life are growing rapidly in the "cloud". The massive data processing needs make the Internet industry face new challengesof the era of comprehensive cloudification of data storage and transmission modes. In this context, cloud computing integrates various forces to form a joint force, which brings convenience to the development of various tasks and creates a new business model.

  As the backbone of the special equipment manufacturing industry, Fangkuai Boiler also follows the general trend of the development of the cloud era and deepens the social driving force of "cloud data". Leading the development of the industry, Fangkuai Boiler will facethe situation of opportunities and challenges.

  As the main carrier of JD Cloud, JD Data Center carries a large number of services of JD Cloud. JD Cloud Data Center implements the quality assurance of JD Mall in terms of safety and reliability, network connectivity, and worry-free operation and maintenance. The advanceddata center benefits hundreds of millions of ordinary users. JDMallcan intelligently recommend relevant products to users, achieve application scenarios such as “Thousands of People, Thousands of Faces” under the guidance of Unbounded Retail, and continuously improve user experience with the help of technological innovation.

  Fangkuai has reached a cooperation with JD to customize a set of innovative commercial system solutions - Talia T7 series boilerswith a new Ultraten technology heat exchange element - wing tube, which greatly improves the condensation of flue gasandensures high efficiency of energy utilization. The boiler is no longer a boiler and aburner, but is adjusted according to the heating face of the boiler through computer simulation, which is a customized version of combustion and heat transfer. The optimization makes the boiler run more efficient, more energy-saving, more stable and more responsive advanced hot water commercial system.

  According to the headof the Jingdong Data Center, Fangkuai boiler is not only of good quality, but also of perfect service, providing us and our customers with comfortable and efficient hot water and heating services.

  After years of unremitting efforts, Fangkuai's commercial hot water system has covered various commercial scenarios such as schools, hospitals, enterprises, hotels, airports, and large supermarkets. This time, Fangkuai entered the JD Data Center to createhigh-end business office hot water solutions, further consolidating the foundation of Fangkuai's one-stop commercial hot water solution platform.

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