Cambodian customers visited FANGKUAI Again

Cambodian customers visited FANGKUAI Again

On October 15, a local food processing company in Cambodia visited FANGKUAI Boiler Group, and the two parties started business negotiations on boiler equipment. Based on the good communication and sincere cooperation between the two parties, the two sides reached a consensus again. FANGKUAI Boiler was in charge of providing different types of steam boilers for all the company's food production lines.

The Cambodian customer who visited FANGKUAI Boiler this time is a large food processing company in Cambodia, which mainly produces dried mangoes and other preserved fruits. The company has a total of 10 dried mango processing production lines, each of which requires a steam boiler as a source of power to complete the needs of raw material drying, packaging sterilization and sterilization.

The customer got in touch with our company in 2018 and started preliminary cooperation. FANGKUAI Boiler provided 4 tons and 6 tons of WNS gas-fired steam boilers (WNS4-1.25.Q, WNS6) for its two production lines. -1.25.Q). After one year of use of these two steam boilers, both the operation and output of steam purity still maintain a very high operating state. This helps us won the trust and praise of this customer.

The customer visited FANGKUAI Boiler again this time to choose the right steam boiler for the company's other dried mango production lines. Based on the first successful cooperation experience, this cooperation was also very smooth. After knowing the production capacity and requirements of each production line of the company, FANGKUAI Boiler's technicians customized 5 gas-fired steam boilers for it, which is fully capable of meet the company's demand for steam.

This cooperation with the Cambodian customer is not only a solid step for FANGKUAI Boiler to expand its products to the world, but also a strong proof that FANGKUAI Boiler welcomes all partners to achieve win-win cooperation. Of course, this is also inseparable from the support of China's "Belt and Road" policy and the friendly relations between the two countries.

In the future, FANGKUAI Boiler will continue to take the research and development, production of more energy-saving, smarter and safer boiler equipment as its mission, to provide excellent products for users and friends from all countries and industries in the world.

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