FANGKUAI Boiler joins hands with Asia's largest potash fertilizer company

FANGKUAI Boiler joins hands with Asia's largest potash fertilizer company

The total area of ​​5,856 square kilometers is the largest salt lake in China and one of the most famous inland salt lakes in the world.

Since 1958, a fearless pioneer—Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd. has entered this ancient wasteland and started the history of China's potash industry. In the past 60 years, Salt Lake started with a drop of brine and insisted on the embryonic form of "mainly potassium-based, comprehensive utilization, circular development" and "ecological magnesium lithium potassium garden".

Today, Salt Lake Co., Ltd. has become the largest potash industrial production base in Asia at present, with the fourth largest production capacity in the world, creating a circular economy model with salt lake resources with Chinese characteristics and comprehensive development and utilization.

In response to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection, and to maintain a shared ecological environment, Yanhu shares decided to improve boiler equipment. After layer-by-layer screening, Fangkuai Group was finally selected to select Fangkuai boiler products that are safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The two companies share common responsibilities and ideals—energy conservation and environmental protection, which have also promoted the cooperation between the two parties and successfully established a mutual trust relationship. This cooperation is another masterpiece of Fang Kuai in the chemical industry after Sinopec, Jizhong Energy, and Northern Chemical.

The Fangkuai boiler products are truly low-nitrogen, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, easy to operate and have a long life!

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