FANGKUAI Boiler and Canadian partners move forward to help expand the North American market

FANGKUAI Boiler and Canadian partners move forward to help expand the North American market

On July 24th, FANGKUAI Boiler received a grand reception from a long-distance guest, a representative team of a large boiler agency in Canada, and sent professional technical engineers and explainers to explain the whole process, so that they truly realized Feel at home.

The company is a local-based boiler agency based in Canada. It has been engaged in import and export trade for more than 15 years and has considerable experience in import and export trade, which also makes us more assured and trustworthy.

Canada is located in the northernmost part of North America and is one of the Commonwealth countries. Thanks to its abundant natural resources and highly developed technology, Canada is one of the countries with high standards of living, social prosperity and economic development in the world; At the same time, Canada ranks among the best in the international rankings of education, government transparency, social freedom, quality of life and economic freedom.

Boiler equipment is one of the indispensable thermal equipments in schools, hotels, residential buildings, etc., and is highly valued by the Canadian government.

To this end, the Canadian agents visiting this factory focused on our company's V (vertical), H (normal pressure), T (vacuum) series of new hot water boiler equipment, these three series are star products of the FANGKUAI Boiler realize the high-efficiency, low-emission, safe, stable and continuous power supply requirements of the boiler through the use of advanced technologies such as wing heat exchange and PLC intelligent control system. At the same time, FANGKUAI Boiler has made efforts in boiler emissions; full premixing, FGR and combustion and heat transfer depth coupling and other combustion technologies, easy to achieve ultra-low nitrogen emissions from boilers, far below the local 30ppm environmental protection in Canada standard.

After this visit, FANGKUAI Boiler has been fully recognized by the agent for its advanced technology, perfect service system and good customer reputation around the world. The two sides signed an agency agreement on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win; this cooperation is also to help FANGKUAI boiler to open the road to North America, China and the United States, to a higher level!

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